July 03, 2014

Hokkaido Chiffon cupcakes 北海道戚风杯子蛋糕~

Do you ever felt frustated when you baked a cake? The cake rise up nicely, beautifully in the oven but crack and when it comes out of the oven it also shrink so much until it leave the paper cup. :(
This is what i face in my first attempt to bake the Hokkaido chiffon cupcake. I tried the second time, a bit improve but still crack.  I started to doubt about my baking skill :p

Thanks to Tze from Awayofmind House Bakery for the awesome Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake recipe, making me a HAPPY homebaker again ^_^

 This recipe require the milk and corn oil to be double-boil before adding in the yolks. I guess it is to warm the milk. I did not double boil it but instead i mircowave it. My mircowave oven is a 800watt appliance. I mircowave on 'high' for 45 seconds only. Warming up the milk and corn oil is what i have not tried before but  seeing Tze's cupcakes were nicely baked with any shrink i can't resist to give it a go :D

Smooth and nice top with almost no shrink at all.
Are you convince? :D :D

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes
Recipe adapted from Tze from Awayofmind Bakery House with slight changes
(yield 13 cupcakes)

A. Ingredients:
60g corn oil
80g milk
100g top flour (i used Hong Kong flour)
5 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla essence (i use vanilla extract)

B. Ingredients:
5 egg whites
90g sugar
1/4 tsp tartar powder (omitted)

Ingredients for filling:
20g custard powder
70g milk
30g sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
50g whipping cream

(i did not use this filling but instead i use the simple filling below)
150ml dairy whipping cream
14g castor sugar
50g durian flesh (add 1 tbsp millk to blend into fine paste)

Method for filling: Mix custard powder with milk and vanilla essence. Add to the whipping cream and sugar, whisk with electronic mixer.
Method for cupcake:

1. Mix corn oil and milk together in a medium bowl, place it over a double boiler, cook with low heat, stir well. Remove the bowl from heat when the milk mixture turns warm.
2. Add egg yolk, one at a time. Then add vanilla essence, stir well the mixture.
3. Add the sift flour, mix the mixture until smooth.
4. Using an electronic mixer, whisk the egg white and add the sugar in three batches. The egg whites has to whisk until stiff peak.
5. Take 1/3 egg white mixture, add it to the egg yolk mixture. Mix until well combine. Fold in the remaining egg white to the egg yolk mixture.
6. Fill up 3/4 of the cupcake linear. Bake in preheat oven at 140C for 20 mins then 150C for 15 mins. (original recipe bake in 140C for 20 mins, 150C for 15 mins then 160C for 10 mins)
7. Knock the cupcake on table top once and set aside to cool completely.
8. Make a hole on the cupcake and pipe in the whipped cream, sprinkle with icing sugar and garnish with fruit if desired. Serve cold! (i snipped a cross on the cupcake with a sicssor)

After piped in the whipped cream, put them into the fridge for 1-2 hours. Serve this cold. It is like having a ice cream cake...^_^

Looking at the lovely cake make me happy ^_*



  1. Oh wow, it "bloom" so nicely without a flaws. My hokkaido cupcakes were a flopped too and love to give this a try. Hope after trying this out will makes me happy too.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yes, with this nicely bloom cake you will be happy like me ..hehe
      Try it!!

  2. 我的北海道蛋糕也是回缩得很厉害,所以没挤奶油的话,我很少烤了

    1. Fion,
      来来来我们一起烤也一起乐吧! 呵呵!

  3. Mui Mui, Congrats! Nice cupcake with no crack ya... my hokkaido also crack, i thought it suppose to be like that, haha...

    1. Thanks Esther,
      At first I am like you too. Thinking the cupcake suppose to be crack.
      Do try this version too, the smooth top ,hehe

  4. I am going to bake my first Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes today and I love how yours turned out!! Beautiful! Now I am a bit nervous. Hopefullly there would be no sinking or cracks!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Hi Diana,
      Good morning,
      Just follow the steps closely, I believe you too can bake beautiful Hokkaido cupcakes.
      Happy baking and Good luck!

  5. Hi Mui mui, your cupcakes did not shrink at all! Such smooth tops, makes me want to try too!

  6. Such beautiful Hokkaido cupcakes with no shrinkage at all! It always happen with mine, they rose beautifully but finally they dipped. Had to push it up again with cream. I am going to give your recipe a try, just can't resist it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You're welcome Veronica.
      Yes, give this a try, you will love it!

  7. these are nicely baked, I must try next time too.

  8. I bet my gal will ask me to bake this lovely durian hokkaido cupcakes...her fav durian... we bot some durian last Sun, and was planning to make some cakes with them...but our instant consumption of the durian override the intention of the durian-cakes..hahaha...

  9. 原来秘诀就是加热牛奶和玉米油。。。这个蛋糕我还没试过,那个杯子买了都半年了。。。一拖再拖。。。得空我也要试试看。

  10. Your hokaido cupcakes look gorgeous, I would like to try this too when the time is allowed.

  11. Mui mui, these beautifully light cupcakes make me happy too. You have so many wonderful baked goods here.. I surely will come back often.
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Hi Mui Mui, looking at your cupcakes makes me shy. Wondering when I can bake such lovely cakes and take these beautiful photos of them. Really good.

  13. hi Mui Mui, i just came back from my long summer holiday, saw the message you left and came over. Thanks for the shout out on this recipe. So happy that your cake turn out so beautiful some more with durian filling, yummy!

  14. Hi Mui Mui. Thanks so much for the recipe. I made some today. There were no cracks, and they were very very moist. However, the cake shrank and leave the paper mould. I have no idea why that happened. Can you suggest a cause and how to fix it? Thanks a lot.

  15. Can you please make a video to show how you make these?

  16. your cupcakes look awesome! mine shrink terribly. It pull away from sides :'(

  17. may i know the cupcake need to put in oven middle or lower rack to bake?


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