November 10, 2011

Crispy Prawn fritters...香脆炸虾卷

 This book have been sitting in the recipe book shelf for ages.  It is a Yum Yum magazine, a full colour and step by step wonderful recipes magazines. Every two months a new one comes, the old one will be left sitting behind in the book shelf...:p
Sometimes I will take out the previous volume to read. Today i am running over the old volumes again. I am looking for.... this Crispy Prawn Fritter recipe .....'Bingo' I found it in Volume 44 Issue 2006. Just happen that my hubby's good friend gave us some prawns. I tried this and it is really good. You must try this too...^^

Crispy Prawn Fritters
600g medium prawns, shelled but with tail intact
1500ml cooking oil for frying

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp sesame oil
Dash of pepper

Batter A
150g plain flour
1 tbsp corn oil
1 tbsp tang mein flour
1 tbsp baking powder ( I used 1 tsp double action baking powder)
1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar
Dash of pepper

1 tsp sesame oil
6 tbsp oil
1 egg
+-150g water

To do:
1) Mix prawns with marinade and marinate for 2 hours.
2) Batter: Put all ingredients A into a mixing bowl and stir well. Add in ingredients B (except water) and mix well. Pour in water slowly and stir into a smooth batter.
3) Heat up oil for deep-frying, coat prawn with batter (don't cover the tail) and deep-fry until golden brown. Dish up drain well. Serve.
~Crispy Prawn Fritters is ready~
 ~Prawn is shelled but intact with tail~

~Batter have to been at the thickness ...面糊要像这个浓度~

~This the look of batter, that I put in to fried without the is hollow...

~This is the inside of the prawn fritter...这是有虾在里面的~

1500ml 食油

1\2 小匙 盐
1 小匙 糖
1 小匙 麻油

150克 普通面粉
1 大匙 粟粉
1 大匙 澄粉
1 大匙 发粉(我用1小匙的双效发粉)
1 小匙 盐
1 小匙 糖

1 小匙 麻油
6 大匙 食油,1粒蛋
+-150g 水

2)将A材料放入大碗中拌均匀。加入B(除了水)拌匀, 慢慢倒入水拌匀成面糊。
3)   烧热炸油, 虾沾上面糊(不要盖过尾巴)放入热油中炸至金黄色。捞起,沥干油分即可享有。

      ~很香脆 美味噢..你也来试试吧~



  1. Looks yummy il definitely try this..just obe question can wgeat starch b replaced witg corn starch ?

  2. Hi Novena,
    澄粉is wheat starch.


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