June 29, 2013

Murtabak Maggi Mee ... 美极印度煎饼

My wifi is back!!! It is back a few days ago but not for long. Hopefully it is back for good NOW ><
Sad :( that my wifi is dead for almost a month ..for me its like ages.
I miss blogging, i miss visiting my fellow blogger's blog and I miss everything :D

Back to business now :D
I will try my very best to updated what i have left behind so you may be seeing some expired food..LOL   But of course it is just those from end of May and earlier June..:p
This is called Murtabak Maggi Mee Curry..but its the simple version. A Malay friend share with me this recipe a long time ago. I never thought of posting this until last week when my i cooked this for my boys. To my surprise they love it and ask for more..

我的回来了!! 其实是我的wifi回来了!!
我很想念大家呢!! 想念爬上部落格的乐趣 :D


Making this easy murtabak you only need a packet of maggi curry instant noodle, 3 eggs (i used grade A), 1 medium brown onion and some spring onion. That is all, simple and easy to whip up a simple breakfast or snack for tea.

好吃的简单印度饼, 不难做!
只需要1包美极咖哩快熟面, 3粒(我用A蛋), 1粒中型大洋葱和少许的青葱就可以煮一道简单的小点心了.

It is crispy at the sides and soft in the centre.

It is so easy to prepare this and it is so tasty. Just whipped all the ingredients and pan fried it until it is cooked.

I am I am linking this to Little Thumbs Up hosted by Ms B from Everybody eats well in Flanders organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids and Doreen for my little favourite D.I.Y.

Little Thumbs Up

Murtabak maggi mee
recipe source: Kak Rugayah

1 packet maggi instant noodles (curry flavor)
1 medium brown onion - peel and chopped
2 large eggs - lightly beaten
some spring onion - chopped

To do:
1) In a bowl add in lightly beaten eggs, maggi curry seasoning ( i only added 3/4 of the pack from the instant curry noodle)  chopped onion and spring onion. Set aside.
2) Precooked instant noodles until soft. Drain and add into eggs mixture (1) and mixed well. Divide mixture into 2 portions evenly into two small bowl.
3) Add a little cooking oil into a non stick sauce pan. Swirl around to coat the pan and preheat the pan for a while.
4) Pour a bowl of the mixture into the sauce pan to fry until both side are lightly brown and cooked. Cut into piece and serve.

**Although the noodle is 'curry flavor' but it is not spicy at all but full of curry flavor.  My boys like it and if they can take it mean it is not hot..:D



  1. Very interesting way of enjoying instant noddles. The murtabak are nicely fried. Those brown bits must be making this murtabak very delicious!

  2. Very creative and sounds good using instant noodle to make murtabak. Must try this for my family :)

  3. Doreen, this is like maggi mee omelet! haha how cute! and definitely tasty! must try this for one of my late night supper cravings :))

  4. Doreen , and here I'm complaining that these past few days our broadband connection seems a bit slow :P Glad that you're back and hope your wifi connection will behave from now on lol Love the way you cooked this kind of noodles , I never knew that you can cook instant noodles this way - so yummy !

  5. Good to hear that your wifi is back, look forward for more posts... :)

  6. HI Doreen, Glad that u're back . I visited your blog last week & was wondering if your wifi connection is back! Nice to hear from you again & wow! this recipe is really awesome! My sons love makan instant noodles,this will be a great twist of the usual thing! Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe, will try it .. NOW! hehehehe

  7. Hi Doreen, glad to see you back...I know my youngest son will love this, he's a maggi noodles addict! Thanks for linking me to Little Thumbs Up :P

  8. Hi Doreen,

    Happy that you are back in action :D I cannot imagine me going through this... My life will be chaotic without internet :p

    Murtabak maggi mee curry? This is interesting. These noodle murtabak must be bursting with flavours! Yum!



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