April 18, 2012

White And Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake~ 黑白巧克力慕思蛋糕

**This is continue part of the angry birds fondant..You may asked
 'What took you so long to post this ...'
My apologize I am a bit tide up with Shawn's school examination...
Have to guide him as this is his first year in Primary school..lol


~The blue angry bird..this one took me 5 minutes to get it done...

~Sleepy angry bird...lol..

~This is a  White And Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake..

~Its another birthday cake for a friend's boy 'Nigel'..

This is a very nice cake. It is a Continental Cake, originated in Europe. Continental cakes are shaped by a general design concept. Techniques like pulling, shaving, smearing and pressing are used to make the cake. Colouring is seldom use in the making process. The main items used for decoration are fresh fruits, chocolate and marmalade, which greatly enchances the look of the Continental  Cake.
BUT..today I decorated the cake with fondant angry birds again...:D

~The red angry bird..红的愤怒鸟..~

 White And Dark Mousse Cake
Recipe source is adapted from 'Alex Goh' book 'Baking Code"
Ingredients for the Chocolate sponge cake:
124g chocolate sponge mix
60g plain water
60g melted butter
4 eggs
I am using a 12'" x 9" x 1 1/2"  baking tray to bake this cake. I bake 2 pieces of chocolate sponge cake.

To do:
1) Beat chocolate sponge mix and eggs for 2 minutes. Pour in water and beat for
    another 7-8 minutes or until the mixture is double volume. Fold in the melted butter.
2) Pour into a 12" x 9" baking tray. Bake at 175c for 20 minutes.
3) Set aside to cool before assemble.

Ingredients for dark chocolate mousse:
(A) 50g milk
     1 tsp instant coffee
     20g castor sugar
     1 yolk

(B) 50g dark chocolate~melted
     (I used Toblerone milk chocolate)

(C) 1 tsp gelatine powder
      30ml water

(D) 300g Dairy whipping cream~whipped

Ingredients for white chocolate mousse:
(A) 50 ml milk
     20g castor sugar
     1 egg yolk

(B) 50g white chocolate~melted
     (I used Toblerone white chocolate)

(C) 1 tsp gelatine powder
      30g water

(D) 300g Dairy whipping cream~whipped

To do:
1) Boil milk and sugar until sugar dissolve, add in coffee and mix well. Stir in yolk and boil      for another 1 minute. Stir in melted milk chocolate.
2) Soak gelatine powder in water until it is bloom. Mix into (1) and stir until gelatine completely dissolve. Cool this mixture over ice cold water until its warm.
3) Whisk Dairy whipping cream until it is soft peak form and fold into (2) until combine.
4) Pour this chocolate mousse onto the ready chocolate sponge base. Apply another piece of chocolate sponge on top of the chocolate mousse. Put this into the fridge until white chocolate mousse is ready.
5) Use the same 'to do' onto the white chocolate mousse part. Pour this white chocolate mousse onto the second layer of chocolate sponge base. Smooth out the white chocolate mousse evenly. Cover with a piece of cling foil and chilled in fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight.

** Notes for assemble the cake.. The first layer is chocolate sponge base, second layer is milk chocolate mousse, third layer is another  chocolate sponge base and lastly is the fourth layer which is white chocolate mousse.

~Two green piggy...using Cadbury chocolate fingers for the sticks...

~Here comes...Angry birds..who wants this??
愤怒鸟来咯...快来啊!! ~

I am making this cake with UHT whipping cream and it is a bigger cake here. If you like to make a non-dairy whipping cream and a  smaller cake, like 7" round cake, you can refer here: 



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