December 10, 2011

A new member in the ladybug cupcake family..Guess who???...螵虫蛋糕家中有新成员..猜猜是谁??

The last time I make this Steam ladybug cupcakes is for submitting them to Aspiring Baker 13 Enjoy cupcakes host by Min. I wanted so much to join, but that particular month I was so busy with my youngest because his nanny is on leave. 
I was busy until the last day of the submission date, around 10pm, I told my hubby that I must submit a cupcake. I get ready my ingredients and start doing. Everything is rushing all the way...:@ 
Finally, around 11.30pm my cupcakes is done. I am really happy with the result. Obstacles come again...:( I don't really know how to submit my cupcake ...I started to get panic...TIME is almost up...:p I hold on to my motto "Never never give up until You have do you very Best"...At last I manage to submit my entry...I was very very happy.
I am gonna share step by step how I make this steam ladybug cupcakes...^^
If you are interested to do this the recipe is here:

~Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat till pale and fluffy..把所有的材料倒入搅拌盘,打发~ 
 ~Take 1 1/2 tablespoon of the plain batter and put into a small piping bag/plastic bag...
把1 1/2 大匙的面糊放入一个挤花袋~

~Take another 3 tablespoon add in 1/2 teaspoon bamboo charcaol powder stir well. Put in a pipping bag with a plain nozzle on...在拿3大匙面糊拌入1/2小匙竹炭粉, 再装上圆行的挤花嘴.

 ~把其他的面糊都加上大红色素或红菊米粉, 拌匀再倒入小杯子, 倒7-8份满...
Add in red colour to the rest of the batter, mix well. Pour into cupcakes mould by filling up around 70-80% ~

 ~Draw a cross on the cupcake and filled up the upper part by using the bamboo charcoal mixture...用竹炭的面糊来画上一个十在蛋糕上, 再把上面的部分图上颜色~

~用原味点上两点,做眼睛...use the plain mixture to make 2 little round dots for the eyes~

~再用炭色的面糊点上螵虫的身纹(点点)...Again use the charcoal colour mixture to make a few dots for the ladybug body ~

 ~this is the end result before steam...做好了...还没蒸熟的~

 ~蒸熟了..快来尝尝...Its cooked ... hurry up ..try one...^^

~What do you think of this result?....你晓的效果如何?...;)~

After that first time doing the ladybug cupcakes, I try again the second time. The first time I find that the head part colour is not that nice because I used dark brown. My sister suggest that I use bamboo charcoal so.... come again the second time..
This is when the new member comes in .... Ms Buzz Bee...look how sweet she is...:)
这是第二次再尝试做, 再做是因为晓得上次的头部颜色不够美. 上次用了巧克力色而这次就听了妹妹的建议用竹炭粉...也制造了个新成员..小蜜蜂妹妹...:p

~New member of the ladybug family ... Ms Buzz Bee...小蜜蜂妹妹~就是螵虫家的新成员~

~大家在一起...We are all together~

~Little Ms Buzz Bee looks really cute too...小蜜蜂妹妹,,可爱吧~~

**Tips to prevent failure in making the little cuppy ladybugs..
*Beat mixture till it is fluffy
*Do not use cup that is too narrow at the bottom ..mine is 4.5cm at the bottom and 7cm top
*Do not filled up to full, only 70-80% full
*Only use medium flame to steam if too high heat the cuppy will smile(crack) and also not too small flame or it will not rise...hahaha so ...:p
*Wish you have a go time and successful time making this ladybug cupcakes.
*不可装到太满,只装7-8分满, 要不然蛋糕会笑(裂纹)
*只用中火, 也不可太小火...很长气吧...:p



  1. So cute and thanks your sharing!

  2. I like this recipe. Sounds very easy! But when I try I failed :( my steamed cake not fluffy. It turn out dense especially cold. Any ideas?

  3. 小厨, 欢迎光临...不客气..^^

  4. Vivian, when this cake is cold, it is not as soft as it is hot.
    Maybe you can check on,
    1)did you beat it until it is fluffy? Just use middle high speed is good enough. Thick ribbon like type.
    2)or did you miss adding any ingredients? (this happen to me too...:p) Eg: like bp or ovalette?
    3)or is your flame too small when you steam? Neither too big flame, it will cause the cake to crack or smile.
    Vivian, hope this will do some help to you :)

  5. Hi~so beautiful~
    wish to make it during christmas~
    thanks for sharing!:)

  6. Hai Ah Loy, thanks for dropping by.

  7. 嗨!枫,thanks for visiting.
    Do this cutie ladybug cupcake on christmas and invite to eat ya....^^

  8. I try second time but the result still the same. Not rise at all. I did beat my batter on medium speed (ballon whisk) at least 5mins. But the batter still yellowish. Can't achieve pale n fluffy. Can I send you my failed steam lady bird ? Maybe you can spot what's wrong.

  9. 原来是这样来的!你也很厉害做,因为蒸出来的图案都不会合在一次。

  10. bamboo charcaol powder 那里才能买得到?贵吗?

  11. Hi Vivian, oh dear..sorry to hear that but don't give up...jia you... May I know what kind of ovalette are you using? Later, I try to video the process while I am beating the mixture and post up for u, do you think that will help? Ya, if you don't mind sending to me...^^ I hope I can help...:)

  12. Kate, bamboo charcoal powder, 在烘培店有的买. 是蛮贵的..我check一下我这的价钱在让懂好吗?....^^

  13. Video, that's great! I used ovalette which come in yellow paste. Do let me know your e-mail address so I can e-mail u my failed lady bird. My e-mail: thanks!

  14. Vivian, mine is
    Will video it,give me a little time..ya..^^
    Hope to meet your ladybug soon..:)

  15. Cutesy!!

    You are talented!


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