December 13, 2011

Lapis cake again...this time is Mocha Mint Lapis Cake...^^

Lapis cake again... this time is a Mocha Mint Lapis Cake. I remeber the first time I tried this cake taste very special the blend of chocolate, coffee and mint. The three strong flavour, just compliment each other. 
This time I add in another ingredients, Cadbury chocolate fingers. I saw this chocolate finger in the hypermarket so I was thinking this might look good adding in the layers..really the result...look good...:D

~Christmas is around the corner, will make this for a dear friend ... 

Sarawak Mint mocha lapis cake.

Ingredients (A):

15 egg yolks

4 egg whites

200g Hong Kong flour

180g castor sugar

1 tbsp ovalette

Ingredients (B):

480g butter

1 medium size 'seri kaya'

120g milk powder

4 tbsp condensed milk

1/2 tsp peppermint oil

some green colouring and mocha paste

4 packets of cadbury chocolate fingers


1) Beat ingredients (A) until pale and fluffy.

2) In another bowl beat ingredients (B) until it is pale and fluffy too.

3) MIx (A) and (B) together until it is all well combined.

4) Divide the mixture into 3 portions; 1 part mix with green coloring, 1 part mocha paste and

 1 part leave it plain. 

~divided into 3 parts with 3 flavours~

5) Lined a 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" square baking tray. (Only lined the bottom of the tray with 

parchment paper)

6) Preheated oven with upper and lower grill for 5 minutes. Lay 5 tbsp of plain mixture into

 the baking tray and use upper grill for 4-5 minutes or until it is golden brown on the surface.

 Follow by the second layer; lay 5 tbsp of green mixture, smooth out neatly and use upper 

grill to grill for 4-5 mintues, third layer is plain and 4 th layer is mocha. Repeat doing the 

same until all of the cake mixture is finish. Cut each chocolate fingers into 4 parts and 

arrange after applying every alternate 3 layers.

~To get neat and tidy layers .. we have to get rid of the air bubbles layers.

**Tips: 1)Do not apply the layers too thick or else it will not cooked inside thou it will brown

 on the top.

2) If there is air bubble after grilled the layers, do poke it will a fork and flatten it will the 

tools. This is to prevent uneven layers when we cut.

~This is the tool that I am using to flatten the layers if there is air bubble trap

 in the layers...~

3) When all the layers are grilled, make sure it is completely cool, then we unmould it and

cut and serve....^^



  1. Lapis cake 我曾经做过几次但效果都不美,不知问题出在那里!

  2. Kate, 说来听听,你的不好在哪? 看我能不能帮上忙...:)

  3. 记得当时我做kuih lapis 时,外观还满意,但切开时,中间有一些会分开!散散就不美了。我试了几次都是这样,看来,我要找时间再烘多一次,看看能找到什么原因吗。

  4. 你的这个情形可能是烘的太久变干也可能是食谱里的牛油比较少导致蛋糕比较干.
    蛋糕层如果比较干,层好的蛋糕就会散开. 下次你做时看看是这样吗?


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