October 04, 2011

First attempt to do chinese dumplings..(jiao zi) ~ 第一次学做饺子

It's have been a long time, since I wanted to learn how to do chinese dumpling ~ jiao zi or shui jiao. I had this book, about "How to make dumpling" for ages and never look at it. 
Until that day, once in a blue moon, I took this book out from the book shelf and tell the book ...."hehe is your turn.."
I flip the pages, turn to how to make dumpling skin...get ready all the ingredients and fillings. "I am doing it now ~~~" I though to myself..better be good...XD. My cell phone ring...guess who? My sister..SC, she came over after hang up. She was so excited because she wanted to do chinese dumpling too but never had the chances to lay her hand on it. 
TWo people never make chinese dumpling before, were so excited wanted to make chinese dumpling...hahaha...a bit crazy.. :p

~This is the variety wrapping sytle of chinese dumpling that we made that afternoon~

 ~This is chesnut dumpling~

 ~There is another different way of wrapping the chinese dumpling~

~Different way of wrapping, will tells you there is different filling inside~
This is Pot sticker style.

~This is  a sea shell 'Lala' dmpling... 这是蛤蜊饺子~


Dumpling skin ingredients:
300g plain flour
150ml ice cold water
To Do: Mix into a smooth dough, wrapped and sit for 30 minutes.

200g mince meat
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 stalk spring onion
1/2 tsp salt
a dash of pepper
1 tsp corn flour
1 tsp chopped ginger
2 tbsp water

To Do:
1) Mix all the filling ingredients together. Set aside for later use.
2) Roll out the skin dough into a rope and cut into pieces. Flatten a piece of the dough, really thin, and wrap up some filling.

~This is the chestnut wrapping style dumplings....这是马蹄饺子包法~

3) Bring water to boil and add in dumplings and cook until float up. Add in another 100ml water  and bring to boil again. Dish up and drain. Serve with sour chili paste.

皮料: 300g 面粉, 160ml 冰水



 200g 肉碎, 1小 匙姜碎, 1大匙蚝油

 1小匙玉米粉, 2大匙水, 1/4小匙盐, 少许胡 椒粉, 

1 棵青葱, 切碎

做法: 把馅料拌均至起胶,最后加入葱,备用.

1) 把面团搓成长条,切粒, 把面团粒按薄, 把馅料包入, 就做成饺子了.

2) 把一大锅水煮滚,放入饺子煮至浮起, 再倒入一碗水再煮滚. 即可捞起, 沥干...就ok了..再


~the dumplings is boiling...饺子在滚着~

~It's ready...to serve....煮好了...快来吃啊!!!...~

~YOU...yes...YOU..for you...你...对就是你...来给你吃..~~

Second attempt to do chinese dumplings again....^^


Will post up the sour chilly recipe on the next page....come again..:)



Sour chilly paste,,,酸辣酱


250g fresh red chillies...新鲜.红辣椒

1/2tsp salt....盐

80g garlic, peeled.....蒜头,去皮

30g young ginger...嫰姜

4 tbsp rice wine....米酒

To do: 

1) Wash the red chillies. Slit the chillies to half and remove the seeds. Dry the chillies in the sun.

2) Roughly grind the dried chillies in a food processor.  Put the grounded chillies in a clean and dry jar.

3) Grind garlic and ginger then gently mix into chillies. Add in salt, rice wine 

and mix well. Cover jar lid and leave in a cool place for 5 days before use.


1) 红辣椒洗, 劫开去籽然后在太阳下晒至干燥.

2) 用食物料理器把辣椒打成粗碎状, 放入干净的玻璃瓶子.

3) 把蒜头和姜也打碎加入辣椒碎, 拌入盐和米酒, 密封放在阴凉处5天即可享用.

**饺子和辣酱食谱是来自"新新饮食 volume 67" 由郭子仁者.

**Recipes are adapted from "Yum Yum magazine...volume 67"  by Chef Alan Kok.



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