August 07, 2011

Gold Fish Crystal Mooncake..~ 金鱼水晶月饼...^0^

A fb friend (KYC) is using a very nice and cute jelly mould to make her crystal mooncake. When I saw that jelly mould I love it very much. Soooo...I start searching for them. Guess what??? I found them in a shop, left 3 pieces and in quite bad condition. I pick the two best ones and get home. Can't wait to give it a try. When I wash them I found that one of the piece of mould it leaking... :( I bring it back to the shop and hope the other one is good but it is not good. No choice I pick the other pattern for a change. Still very excited because the least I still get one. I tried it...this is the result...ta..tat...tata...

~this is the second gold fish crytal may ask where is the first one?..coming!!!~

~this is the first one ... the green is too light...right...Wana meet all of them?..~

~Actually is 8 of them, but 2 of them have swam away to a friend...:p~
(one recipe makes 8 of them)

Gold Fish Crystal Mooncake with Red Bean paste filling
Ingredient for the filling:
25g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 knotted pandan leaves
2 1/2 tsp agar-agar powder
150ml water
150g red bean paste
150 ml fresh milk
some cupcake moulds

To do:
1) Mix sugar, salt and agar-agar powder in a saucepan, add in water and pandan leaves and boil over low heat.
2) Once mixture boils, lower the heat and mix in red bean paste till disslove thoroughly.
3) Mix in fresh milk and bring to a boil and off the flame immediately. Remove pandan leaves and pour the agar-agar mixture into cupcake moulds and allow to set completely.

Ingredient for the skin:
140g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
5 tsp agar-agar powder
800ml water
2 knotted pandan leaves
1 tbsp condensed milk
100ml ideal milk (evaporated milk)
some food colouring ~ red, green and black

To do:
1) In a big saucepan mix agar-agar powder, sugar, salt, add in water, pandan leaves and bring to a boil.
2) Lower heat add in condensed milk and ideal milk, stir continously with a hand whisk. Once mixture boils, remove from the heat.

~This is the jelly mould I am using, I divide into 4 parts to assemble the mooncake skin; that is the fish eyes, fish body, weed grass and the outer skin~

To assemble the mooncake:
1) Take 2 tbsp of skin jelly mixture and add in a drop of black colour.(I used a chopstick to dip in the black colouring and then dip into the prepared 2 tbsp jelly mixture) Use a teaspoon to pour the black jelly mixture into the eye part of the gold fish mould, allow to set a while.
2) Take 10 tbsp of the mixture and add a drop of bright red colouring. Use a tablespoon to pour this mixture to the body part of the gold fish mould, allow to set.
3) Take 6 tbsp of the mixture and add a drop of green colouring. Use a teaspoon to pour this mixture to the weed grass part of the gold fish mould, allow to set.
4) Pour the plain jelly mixture into the jelly mould, about 1/2cm thick, allow it to half set.
5) Put in the filling, and cover with plain jelly mixture till fill up. Allow to set before unmould and serve.

~Gold fish crystal mooncake with red bean paste filling~

~gold fish #3~

~gold fish #6~


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