July 09, 2011

Tea time 21 ~ Cream cheese buns~~

Love Cream cheese spread very much..the smoothness, the chessy taste, the richnesss of milk, the smell Mmm...just love it. Lately when we went to shop for groceries in the supermarket, there is a promotion in the cold storage area. They are promoting on Bega Cream cheese spread. Have tried it and like it a lot. Brought home a big bottle and started to do something with it. I made super cheesecake with it and now wrapping this cream cheese spread into my yummy buns.
超喜爱Cream cheese(乳酪抹酱),前一阵子在逛超市时,这品牌的产品正在做促销就买了一大瓶回家. 就用了这乳酪抹酱做了Super Cheesecake和这个乳酪小餐包....^^

烫种面团是由日本师傅所研发出来的面包制作方法. 这方法做出来的面包比较柔软富弹性非常适合我们亚洲人的口味. "烫出面包香"....来自吴景发老师的书.
This dough is called "gelatinized dough" it was first introduced by japanese chefs. This technique of making bread will give the bread a very soft and springy texture and Asians like us love it very much. I came to know this from this book "MAGIC BREAD" By ALEX GOH.
(A) 烫种材料: Gelatinized dough ingredients:
      100g 面包粉..bread flour
        70g 滚水..boling water

做法: 把滚水加入面粉中搅拌成团,然后盖起来. 冷后用保鲜膜包好放入冰箱冷藏最少12个小时.

To do: Pour boiling water onto bread flour and mix into a rough dough. Cover and let it cool. When it is cool, wrap it with a piece of cling foil and put into fridge. Let it sit in the fridge for more than 12 hours.

(B) 面包才料: bread ingredients:
      300g 面包粉..bread flour
       100g 普通面粉..plain flour
         80g 糖..sugar
            6g 盐..(1/2小匙)..salt..(1/2tsp)
          20g 奶粉.. milk powder
             9g 酵母..(2小匙) instant yeast..(2tsp)
(C) 175g 冷水..cold water
       60g 冷蛋..cold egg..grade A
(D)  60g 牛油..butter

做法: 1) 面包机做法: 把材料跟次序放进面包盆..冷水,糖,盐,烫种,面包粉,奶粉,奶油(放在盆的四个角落), 酵母(在面粉中,挖个小洞再把酵母倒进). 用搓面团的功能.
*我是用安利noxxa面包机的mode11, 这功能包括了发酵时间在里头.
To do: 1) using a bread machine: Put in all the ingredients as follow: cold water, sugar, salt, gelatinized dough, bread flour, milk powder, butter(put onto 4 corners of the bread pan), instant yeast(make a hole on top of the flour and pour the yeast in). Use the  mixing  and kneading mode.
*I am usingAmway noxxa breadmaker machine, mode 11. This mode is mixing, kneading and proof altogether.

如果你是用手搓就把B拌均匀, 加入C搅拌成粗面团, 加入A混合搅拌均匀,  再加入D拌搅成光滑及富弹性面团, 让它发酵40分钟.
If you are using hands to knead this, mix B to combine,add C and knead into a rough dough, add in A mix together, add D knead it into a smooth and elastic dough and  proof it for 40 minutes.

2) 发酵后, 把面团分成每一粒, 35g 小面团再盖上布让它松弛10分钟.
2) After the 40minutes proofing, divide into 35g eaches into small round dough. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

3) 把小面团按平再, 包入1/2大匙乳酪抹酱, 搓圆把封口向下放入纸杯. 做第二次发酵55分钟.
3)Flatten the small dough, wrap 1/2 tbsp of cream cheese spread into it. Seal it neatly and put the sealed area facing down into a paper cup. Second proofing is 55 minutes.

4) 做好第二次发酵, 用蛋液图在面包上, 放入已预热180c的烤箱, 烤上13分钟.
4) After proofing, egg wash the buns and bake in a preheated oven 180c for 13 minutes.

                             ~HOT HOT BUNS from the oven....小餐包出炉了~

              ~看看里头的乳酪抹酱...好好吃...yummy cheesy cream cheese spread..~


  1. I have link u to my blog~
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. HI Mui Mui, I've just read about your cream cheese bun using gelatinized dough! I've tried this method making sausage buns but I was so impatience & didn't wait for 12 hours b4 the dough was ready to use, hehehe! Thanks for giving me some idea.

  3. Bread is certainly one of my most fav recipes. I'm going to make another 16-hour poolish version bread in the following week, then, I'll use this method to make my fav bread! But it may take a long time for me to post it as I have a lot of old cookings waiting to be posted, hahaha! Thanks for sharing the idea with me!

  4. Hi Jess,
    Glad that you have tried it. Hope it turn out as you expected. I find this recipe is very simple and give soft and nice bread even the second day. Looking forward to your 16 hour polish very bread soon...:)
    Have a lovely week ahead.


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